Our company offers the following services for

businesses and entrepreneurs:

— this is a temporary webpage, while we are building a separate website which will include all consulting services for company set ups in low taxation countries: Czech Rep. – Malta – Bulgaria – UAE —


1. General consultation on doing business in or from Czech Republic

from € 150 to € 500 per hr.


2. Company registrations in Prague – Chechia – Chech Republic

Overview of the process:

It takes 2 weeks from start to finish. You need to come twice to Prague, half a day visit is enough each time.


Step 1

– you need to send by post a certificate from the Police / Justice system of your country that you have not been convicted of a crime before (need to be less than 3 months old)

– scan of passport

– description of intended business activities


Costs involved:

1. Our fee: € 1200


  • Our consulting fee, support and personal guidance thru the business registration process
  • Company registration and business licence
  • Company registered and postal address for 1st year
  • Secretarial support for 1st year

2. Translations and interpreter: from €25 an hour

3. Notary fees € 160 – 600

7. Company capital, from € 40


Addition services – indicative costs :

* Local help and advice in Czech Rep. ; from € 500 to € 2000 a year

* Help with car registrations: from € 460 + RHD conversions (if applicable)

* Accountant recommendation € 100

* Help with opening a bank account for business € 250

* Lawyer recommendation € 250


3. Help with relocation and integration

* help with finding a house/apartment/office

* co-working spaces

* social events in Prague for expats and business people


4. Language classes & Translations

* Chech language from basic to business

* Business English for office, travel and social interaction

* Russian for business and social interaction

* for other languages please ask

* translations from any language to Chech


5. Brand development and marketing campaigns

Prices per project.


6. Astrology and Astro-cartography for business

When and where to start a business, new project, distribution centre can determine a success or struggle. A great competitive advance can be gained from this knowledge. More info: http://www.dharmacorporateconsulting.com/astrology/

Prices from: € 1500


7. Insurance / Mortgage / Pensions / Investments

We work with a great agent for these services, free service for expats in several languages, including English, French, German etc



Tomasz Warzywoda, CEO


Cell CZ: +420 77.5555.731

Whatsapp: +41.76.726.83.70