Our company offers the following services for

businesses and entrepreneurs:

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We provide one stop shop consulting services for company take over and set ups in low taxation countries in the EU: Czech Rep. – Malta – Bulgaria – Lithuania.

Thru our business partners are offering services of setting up overseas companies in 0 taxation and low taxation countries such as Marshall Islands, UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore, Belize, Samoa, Seychelles etc.


0. General consultation on doing business in or from Czech Republic

from € 150 to € 500 per hr.

1. Sales of already established companies with and without Euro VAT in Chech Republic and Bulgaria

2. Company registrations in Prague – Chechia – Chech Republic

Overview of the process:

It takes 2 weeks from start to finish. You need to come twice to Prague, half a day visit is enough each time.


Step 1

– you need to send by post a certificate from the Police / Justice system of your country that you have not been convicted of a crime before (need to be less than 3 months old)

– scan of passport

– description of intended business activities


Costs involved:

1. Our fee: € 1200


  • Our consulting fee, support and personal guidance thru the business registration process
  • Company registration and business licence
  • Company registered and postal address for 1st year
  • Secretarial support for 1st year

2. Translations and interpreter: from €25 an hour

3. Notary fees € 160 – 600

7. Company capital, from € 40


Addition services – indicative costs :

* Local help and advice in Czech Rep. ; from € 500 to € 2000 a year

* Help with car registrations: from € 460 + RHD conversions (if applicable)

* Accountant recommendation € 100

* Help with opening a bank account for business € 250

* Lawyer recommendation € 250


3. Help with relocation and integration

* help with finding a house/apartment/office

* co-working spaces

* social events in Prague for expats and business people


4. Language classes & Translations

* Chech language from basic to business

* Business English for office, travel and social interaction

* Russian for business and social interaction

* for other languages please ask

* translations from any language to Chech


5. Brand development and marketing & social media & video campaigns

Prices per project.


6. Business efficiency and optimisation consulting

Our associated consultant can help your business to reduce costs and optimise business performace parameters. More information on www.businessoptima.info


7. Astrology and Astro-cartography for business

When and where to start a business, new project, distribution centre can determine a success or struggle. A great competitive advance can be gained from this knowledge.

More info: http://www.dharmacorporateconsulting.com/astrology/

Prices from: € 1500


8. Chinese social media accounts for your business

Together with our Chinese team we create and run social media accounts for your business if you wish to attact Chinese customers for your business.

All text will be translated into Chinese. We can also provide with sales story/advertorials.

More info: http://www.dharmacorporateconsulting.com/chinesesocialmedia/

Prices from: € 500

10. Insurance / Mortgage / Pensions / Investments

We work with a great agent for these services, free service for expats in several languages, including English, French, German etc



Tomasz Warzywoda, CEO


Whatsapp / Cell CZ: +420 77.5555.731