Astrology and AstroCartoGraphy for Business


Astrology has been used to empower successful business for centuries.

J.P. Morgan, Charles Schwabb, Bill Gates, Walt Disney and Oprah Winfrey are all known to have used business astrologers to gain strategic advantage.

This service provides a company overview and cycles. Each company has a specific horoscope, which reveals its strengths, purposes, challenges, and the timing of its growth, successes, obstacles, and issues.


Astrology is the ultimate tool for timing. Understanding your company’s chart can greatly enhance your achievements in business. Timing is everything. Knowing the most auspicious time for making financial decisions often determines the outcome. If you start a new project during an eclipse or during Mercury retrograde, the project has a harder time because it was started at a weak time. But if the planets are in favorable positions in the astrology chart of your business, success is almost assured!

How do business owners use astrology?


An entrepreneur develops a new leading-edge application for internet security and prepares to launch a venture-funded company to promote the new product.

Knowing that the start of any new venture has a birth moment which can reveal the evolution of the venture, he calls his astrologer to help choose the best moment to incorporate, yielding a company chart with success-factor built in.

Next he must choose between 3 venture capital partners, one of whom he will “marry” for the 5 years of his investment maturation. He calls his astrologer to review his “synastry” with each candidate for the most harmonious, success-producing “chemistry” before deciding which partner to take on.

Within a few months he is ready to work with his new partner hiring staff for marketing, product management, personnel management and other key positions within the company. Knowingly, he acquires the birth information

of each candidate and reviews the data with his astrologer to pre-determine the capacity and aptitude of each candidate along with their “chemistry” with the partners and other key individuals, making the decision-process smoother,

more on-target and with selection aided by deep perception.

At the end of the first year of business, with a remarkably harmonious and effective team, the company began a targeted push into the international market. At this point, their astrologer used a tool called astrocartography  to map out the best regions in the world to target first for maximum return on resources expended. Their marketing push was extremely successful, gaining worldwide exposure with a well-targeted campaign.

With a successful international presence established, it was time to solidify 1-year,  3-year and 5-year plans, bearing in mind the somewhat unpredictable economy and technology marketplace. With the aid of their astrologer, they mapped out the next 5 years in “transits and progressions”  (predictive tools). This tool allowed them to see both high points and low points in their upcoming sales cycles, providing extraordinary insight for planning phases of expansion.


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