Motivational Retreat for Business

Athens, Greece

15 -17 June 2021

A weekend getaway to a great location for managers, directors and entrepreneurs.

3 Main theory workshops, meditations and other group activities are offered.

Arrive Friday evening, depart Sunday afternoon.

This retreat is an ideal way to relax, enjoy the great Mediterranean climate and gain skills for a more health, balanced and successful life.

The group is limited to 15 people to guarantee the most intimate experience. Premium setting and accommodation.

Workshops will include:

1. Basis of our human interaction: Karma and game of the mirrors

Course description: It is very beneficial to understand the dynamics of our  inter-personal interaction. This is something we just act out, something just happens….but there is a ‘science’ behind what’s happening. Why some people trigger anger in us and some other are annoying? How we we deal with that?

2. Work-life balance and equilibrium in life

Course description: Is your life in balance? Do you spend time distressing from work and the city life?

It is an opportunity to have a look at our week and how much time do we spend on different activities.

To stay mentally sane you need to have an equilibrium of your time and attention in different areas of life. Life is a game of equilibrium, it i s not easy to manage, it is easier if you know a theory behind it.

3. I am right for this job? What is my purpose in life?

Course description: Exploring on the Japanese concept of  Ikigai – “a reason for being”. Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self. We will discuss this concept and talk about tools and practices one can use on this path of self discovery. Short meditation exercises will also be offered.

Retreat Programme:


arrivals and accomodations

dinner at 8pm


1st workshop


2nd workshop

dinner and drinks


3rd workshop



Dates in 2021:

15 – 17 June

for other dates please ask.


Venue – still tbc



How to get there:


Euro 2500 per person – last minute prices payed in last 2 weeks before the retreat

Euro 1990 per person – early bird prices for payments at least 60 days before the retreat


If two colleagues wish to book together and share a room, a second person gets 20% discount.

If you wish to bring a partner that does does participate in a retreat and workshops the extra fee is Euro 600.

The fees include:

* All activities

* Accommodation in a quality room,

* Breakfast

* Meals as per programme

Bookings and contact:
Jessica – assistant to Tomasz Warzywoda
Whatsapp: +30.697.457.5898

Private retreats are available by special arrangement for groups of 4 or more.

Cancellation/changes/no show policy:
1) Once you book your place / pay there are no refunds. It is a serious commitment to take part in the retreat. You should honor that and so will we.
2) If you can’t make it to a selected retreat you can:
a) find somebody else until 7 days before the start date, no extra fee required
b) no shows with no notice equals in 100% fee loss.