Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies crush course

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a real ‘gold’ rush of our times!

We have prepared this course so that everybody can learn all the basic aspects of it and participate and benefit themselves from this new technological advancement of payment technology and investment opportunity.
During the course I can show you ways how to invest and participate in the cryptocurrencies and answer all your questions and translate all the technical issues in a non techy way.

The whole idea is that you come out from the session with an overview of how you can make money from cryptocurrencies and practical knowledge of how to do it.

Proposed agenda:

* What is Bitcoin / cryptocurrency ?

* How to pay in Bitcoins and how to accept payments. How to start?

* Investments? Ways to earn money with it.

* Scams, what to look out for.

* Future of cryptocurrencies.

*  Miners – computer equipment needed to produce crypotcurrencies


This course is for those who:

* are interested in the Bitocin and cryptocurrencies

* would like to invest in Bitocin and other cryptocurrencies

* are a bit lost in the overload of information and are a bit put off by all the technical aspect of it

* get an opinion from someone that has already invested in Bitcoin and has a heads on experience with all the aspects in question

Course length: 2-3 hours.

Group size max: 30

I also offer courses and consulting remotely.

Prices per person : 

UK from £250

Switzerland from CHF 250

India from $300

Poland from PLN 500

Prague, CZ from Kc 2500

Private consultations:

from $500 per 1h


Tomasz Warzywoda

CEO – Coaching Company