The comany set up and running is ver differet in the United Arab Emirates that in the US and EU, the regulations chage frequently and there are a variety of options available. It is best therefore to use an independant consultant in order to find you the best possible solution.

We are offering company set up service anywhere in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and freezones being the most popular ones. We also offer freelance business licences and visas.

Overview of the process:

Step 1

  • Send us an email with the following information:
    • When do you plan to setup a business: month/year
    • how many business owners/partners are invloved and thier nationalities
    • how many visas do you require for partners, family members and employees
    • do you require a physical shop/office
    • do you require a bank account
    • description of intended business activities

Step 2

Send us your consultation fee :

500AED for clients in the UAE and USD 500 for international clients

You can pay by bank wire to the an EU or UAE account, Paypal or Revolut.

Step 3

Indicative costs involved:

1. Our standard consultation fees is AEd 2500 (USD 680) which covers 5hours of our assistance. Shall you require more hours, they are billable at AED 500 each.

2. Goverment costs:

  1. Freelance licence + visas start at AED 11000 (approx USD 3000)
  2. Freezone licence + 1 visa start from AED 19,900 (approx USD 5000)
  3. Mainland licence + 1 visa start from AED 19,900 (approx USD 5000)


Tomasz Warzywoda, Business Consultant, 4 years of experience in helping to setup companies in low taxation countries and United Arab Emirates.

Whatsapp: +971.58.522.1320