Have you missed the boat and you didn’t buy Bitcoin when it was

at $10?

Now you have a new chance,  a new revolutionary Cryptocurrency is in town, its called DasCoin.

Currently worth: $0.05 DasCoinn uses Ethereum blockchain technology and has a transaction speed of 3sec.

All of us involved with the currency believe its is a next big thing and that the price will sky rocket in next 2 years.

DasCoin leadership team includes very successful and world acclaimed entrepreneurs. such as: Michael Mathias, Eberhard Wedekind and Augustine Ha Ton Vinh. You can get to know more on dascoin.com website.

In 2019 DasCoin will offer a DasPay – a smartphone app that will allow users to pay from their DasCoin wallet on any credit card terminal anywhere in the world. A similar payment system already exists with the use of bank cards via a phone app and it is Vodafone Wallet or Google Wallet Pay, developed by the same company called Carta Worldwide, the creators of Paypal and Uber payment platforms among others.
You can get in early and buy licences/mining packages of DasCoin here or buy it from several cryptocurrency exchanges, such as: CoinfalconBtc-Alpha and EUBX, and soon on CoinBene.

Similar to a fast growing Builderall online.marketing platform DasCoin offers opportunity to earn $35000 a week + from its Netleaders affiliate marketing program.

 There is a DasCoin YouTube channel with general videos and news from the company and the development team: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxF15D1OWXEa11l3CfScYIw


Tomasz Warzywoda

Independent cryptocurrency investor & consultant


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