An overview: 

The business english lessons I offer are designed to those who already have a decent level of english and they need to improve their skills for business purposes, be it office or social setting, or for those preparing for the MBA/PHD study programs.

I offer one-to-one classes and small groups of maximum 3.

My classes are fully practical, they focus on ease of conversation and communication in general, and adapting to business etiquette in the english speaking world.

I have lived, studied and worked in blue chip companies internationally, for nearly 20 years, so I offer first hand experience and guidance. I speak fluently 5 languages.

The areas we can work on improving your vocabulary in the specific area (eg. marketing, hospitality etc), phone skills, presentation skills, writing proposals, emails, travel orientation and any other specific needs you might have.

Please note:

  • I only teach those that have a sincere interest and need of study
  • I do not teach children. I do not teach grammar specifically, nor help for the official English exams.

How long:

Lessons are 45min long.

Minimum recommended frequency is once a week.

Please note, I travel internationally a lot so a flexible schedule is a must.

Where and what time:

I can either give classes at your office in Geneva or any other location within 1h drive to be agreed. 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday. Sundays and holidays are billed extra.

Other modality is via skype.

Prices: all payments are in advance

Geneve, Swiss

1st lesson / assessment of 30 min @ CHF 50

1 lesson of 45 min @ CHF 50

10 lessons of 45 min @ CHF 500

Payments accepted are in cash, PayPal or bank wire.

Cancellation policy:

You can cancel or postpone your lesson up to 24hs in advance. Any last minute cancelations are charged.


Tomasz Warzywoda

Whatsapp: +30.697.457.5898