Are you thinking of moving to Greece and buying a property?

We have designed a series of services for all those who are thinking of moving to Greece and to help you make a smooth transition and not make a rushed or unwise purchase.

This service is ideal for those who wish to move to Greece on a Golden visa, buying a property for over Euro 250.000. Most suited for Canadians, Americans, people from Dubai and China.

We offer:

  • help with sourcing and shortlisting a property for you to view on your visit
  • tours around Greece – mainland and the islands for those who want to buy a property
  • assistance with reconstruction & renovation of the house
  • help with legal and any other needs you might have

Why work with us:

  • we have experience with international clients and we understand their standards and expectations
  • good connections in the real estate market
  • good understanding of life from the foreigners perspective
  • team of internationals living and Greece for many years and native Greeks

Packages & pricing:

  1. Personalized 1 week accompanied tours start at USD 3500 per couple, inclusive of transportation, English speaking driver, good standard accommodation and meals.
  2. Shortlisting of the properties according to your specifications, arranging viewings and prior visit of those from USD 1500
  3. Renovation / reconstruction works assessment from USD 500.
  4. General consultation about living. working and doing business in Greece from USD 150 / h.

Contacts and bookings:


WhatsApp: +30.6974575898