1) Company setup Dubai and United Arab Emirates
Image: 0% tax
Krotki tekst:

The company set up and running is very different in the United Arab Emirates that in the US and EU, the regulations change frequently and there are a variety of options available. It is best therefore to use an independant consultant in order to find you the best possible solution.

We are offering company set up service anywhere in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and freezones being the most popular ones. We also offer all assistance with residence visas and all other paperwork and contact with the UAE Government institutions and banks.

Prices from AED 19,900.

2) Buy a ready company with a bank account in Czechia, an EU country

Image: flaga EU (https://images.app.goo.gl/z71mTus9SUDuf9BJ8)


Krotki tekst:

You offer you a possibility to purchase an EU based company that is ready to use. You can become an owner of a Czech Rep. based company in one visit to Prague.

EU VAT registered company – clean books – 0 accounts movement – registered office – business bank account 

Prices from € 5000.

3) Setup a 0% taxe crypto trading business  in Dubai

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Link: https://www.dharmacorporateconsulting.com/dubaien/

Krotki tekst:

Are you involved with crypto trading? or blockchain?

We are offering 0% tax crypto company set up service in a freezone in Dubai, alongside with the EU residency and bank account setup.

Prices start at USD 10,900 

4) Assistance with opening a bank account in Dubai

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link: no link

Krotki tekst:

Banks in the UAE can be very difficult to deal with if you are new in the country and have no history in the country. It can be especially challenging to open a bank account for a newly established freezone company. We help you overcome those difficulties and help you to set up a bank account quickly and efficiently.

Please note it is only possible to open an UAE bank account once you become a resident and are in possession of the Emirates ID (Local ID card).

If you are not a resident in the UAE yet, we can help you with the whole process to become one very quickly.

Prices start at AED 3,000.

5) Would you like to pay less taxes ?

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We offer tax advice of how you can move your corporate taxes, as well as your personal/freelancer tax residency to a low taxation EU country or 0% tax country.

This advice is especially popular with the US citizens and highly taxed European countries residents (mainly France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Denmark).

Prices start at USD 150 – 500.

6) Recruiting a Freelance journalist / blogger / influencer (remote/commission based only)

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Krotki tekst:

We are looking for a freelance journalist / a blogger that would write about Dubai 0% tax life, 0% property tax, 0% tax for freezone companies, 0% tax on personal income.

Those articles should lead to additional clients and new business for our Dubai office.