Investment opportunity in the real estate in markets where the fast growth in value of the real estate is forecasted in the next 5 to 10 years.

Current interest in: Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Greece.

Other developing countries will be look into in the near future.

We are looking for the investment to purchase, setup the rental or sale and manage the property.

Generating extra value

We setup a company for every property. This modality allows:

  • big saving on taxes when selling the property
  • easy split of ownership of company

We will rent the property out and provide dividends to the shareholders by generating rental income and increasing the value of the company that owns the property. This way after a few years of healthy accounts the company that owns the real estate is worth much more than the real estate itself.


Prague and Czech Republic – a quick overview

Property prices increased immensely since 2014 and continue to do so.

In Prague the average price of flats increased 6.5% y-o-y in Q3 2018, to CZK76,500 (US$3,366) per sq. m., according to Deloitte. Prague accounts for about two-thirds of the country´s total property sales volumes.

Current rental ROI of 8.0 to 10.2 %

Graph: Czech Republic house price index, 5 years

More information on the growth of the Czech property market >>

Bulgaria – a quick overview

Property prices have been increasing consistently in the last year and are forcasted to do so.

Land, property and development are very cheap.

Great development opportunity for holiday / retirement villages.

Graph: Bulgaria house price index, 5 years

Greece – a quick overview

The great crisis that occurred in 2009 has hit the country very hard.

Land, property and development are still very cheap, however the market is in a slow recovery.

Great development opportunity for holiday / retirement villages.

Over 33 mln people visit Greece every year on holiday. Tourism has grown 10% in recent years.

More and more people choose to retire in Greece due to good climate and low property costs and living costs.

Golden visa allows investors from overseas to get an EU residency if they purchase property(s) for over 250.000 euros.

Graph: Greece house price index, 5 years

How do we work

OPCO (Operating Company) – owned by Evgeny Ishchenko and Tomasz Warzywoda

  • searching for investment opportunities
  • manages the legal questions of purchase/sell/rent
  • manages the property
  • manages the PROPCO

PROPCO (Property Company) – 15% owned by OPCO, 85% owned by investors.

  • holding the real estate
  • generating rental income

We expect growth of PROPCO value by 8-10% each year (incl. property value growth and accumulated rental income).


Evengy Ishchenko – Finance Director

Cell/Whatsapp: +420.773.186.526


Thomas Warzywoda – Operations Director

Cell/Whatsapp: +30.697.457.5898


Skype: studiodivina