How to loose weight? 6 weeks online program.

I am offering 6 online sessions (30-60min) that will be spread over 3 to 6 weeks for USD 250.

This online program will help you in the following ways:

• help you to loose some weight

• introduce new healthy habits into your lifestyle

• introduce natural self healing processes into your body

My online weight loss program is of a coaching – holistic healing nature and contains elements of diet, some physical and meditation exercises. This weight loss program is suitable for all ages and fitness conditions.

It is a common belief that you can only loose weight and burn fat when you do some intensive sports or workouts at the gym – most of it done as an unpleasant obligation. This is not true, as going to the gym is not natural, and it does not have long lasting results. Our body is used to burning extra calories only with an intense workout, and once we stop exercising for a few weeks we gain weight again.

If you are interested in making changes in your life, than this online weight loss program is for you. Changes in eating habits and lifestyle are necessary to lose weight and to keep it that way.

Some discipline and willingness to change is required to join this weight loss program, and I will help you with the rest.

The human body needs a minimum of 21 days to get rid of old habits and introduce new ones and this is why my weigh loss program lasts for minimum of 3 weeks.

6 online sessions of health coaching, once a week for 6 weeks, or twice a week for 3 weeks for those pressed on time in their weight loss project.

We will be introducing new elements, new information and new exercises so that your mind and your body can gradually get used to them.

Does the online weight loss program work?

Yes it does. The participants of the online weight loss holistic healing program not only loose weight (between 2 to 8 kg), but also show greater peace and positive attitude towards life in general.

For now the record is 12kg lost by a guy who attended a 30 day weight loss retreat.

Interested? Please email:

You can pay by paypal, revolut or bank wire to an EU bank

There is a possibility to have a consultation only for USD 100

3 weeks long weight loss retreats

My online program is based on a 3 week weight loss healing retreats that people attend. I offer those kind of retreats in Italy and Greece and Bali.

The cost is about € 2500 per person

If you are interested in attending please send an email to: and mention the dates.