All our courses have the following objectives:



I. In house interactive training: 2 to 4 hours

Proposed course list

0. Money is energy: You don’t need to earn it – you need to attract it

Course description: In this practical workshop will you will learn how to  use simple meditation and mantras  to attract money to yourself.

Some theory on meditation, mind management will be shared.

Who is this workshop for :

1. Basis of our human interaction: Karma and game of the mirrors

Course description: It is very beneficial to understand the dynamics of our  inter-personal interaction. This is something we just act out, something just happens….but there is a ‘science’ behind what’s happening. Why some people trigger anger in us and some other are annoying? How we we deal with that?


2. Work-life balance and equilibrium in life

Course description: Is your life in balance? Do you spend time distressing from work and the city life?

It is an opportunity to have a look at our week and how much time do we spend on different activities.

To stay mentally sane you need to have an equilibrium of your time and attention in different areas of life. Life is a game of equilibrium, it i s not easy to manage, it is easier if you know a theory behind it.

3. I am right for this job? What is my purpose in life?

Course description: Exploring on theJapanese concept of  Ikigai – “a reason for being”. Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self. We will discuss this concept and talk about tools and practices one can use on this path of self discovery. Short meditation exercises will also be offered.

4. Personal leadership skills

As manager/director would you like to be considered a wise and respectful leader?

If so, the only way if to wake up and cultivate those virtues from within. We will explore those aspects and gain certain tools to work on personal development in such a manner.

This course is highly recommended to those who plan to become organisational leaders and to those that have been placed leaderships positions by family and personal connections and lack those skills fit ‘in the boots’.

5. Mastery of detachment and change

Whether you are thinking of a career change, or are being forced to change a career, or when you are starting a new venture, project, own company, for most people change is a very stressful exercise and a resistance to change and fear with it is a natural for human beings. This seminar is aiming to put you in a path of mastery of detachment and change.

We will teach you how to change the mindset and approach the change in a positive light, welcome change – the situation will not change, but your attitude can, and that what make all the difference to how you are going to live it.

The only constant in this Universe is change! Make the most of it and grasp these opportunities to maximise your personal growth and learning.

6. Work smarter, not harder

A series of talks and exercises to help you become more clever and more creative about how you do your work and how to choose your job.

We will also focus of aspects of doubts, fears and lack of courage that are great show stoppers in life and when making work related decisions.

7. Mid life crisis alert..coming to age 40-42.

When you reach the age of 40-42 your priorities have a drastic shift. The body gets rid of all the old patterns, behaviours, priorities. It is a way to evolve and discover the better, greater version of yourself. You need to allow for this re-birth to happen, don’t find it, use it well to welcome the new and unknown and let go of the old version of yourself.

It is best to use some guidance to get thru this shift.

8. Judgement and impatience – origins of most problems and tensions

A series of exercises that show us the degree of our judgmental and impatient nature. It causes most problems and tensions at work and outside.

It is good to realise those ‘character faults’ and gain some useful tools of how to work on yourself in those two areas in order to be a better colleague, supplier, parent and friend.

9. Expats – problematics of being an expat

More and more people move for work to another, often distant country. Alienation, misunderstandings, loneliness, not feeling ‘at home’ are a common factor among expats. On a positive note a great learning opportunity presents itself when immersed in a new scenario.

This course is designed to make the most of something defined as ‘long travel’ in our natural cycle.

One one hand we will explore the learning and self discovery opportunities and on another we will learn how to smooth out the negative aspects.

10. Success – what is a success for you?

Does success mean having all the money and things you desire? Does it mean you are happy and everyone around you is happy?

Does it mean you have a peace of mind? Does it mean you are free and can live comfortably? Do you compare yourself with others who you consider ‘successful’ and measure you success accordingly?

There are different ways to reach success for different ways of looking at it.

Training costs:


Training costs depends on the country of delivery and the number of participants.


II. Residential retreat : 2 full days and 2 night



A weekend getaway to great location immersed in nature for top management.

3 Main theory workshops, meditations and other group activities are offered.


Costs per participant:

from € 2,500

Maximum group size: 15


Our next retreats:



For large groups of 50 or more it is not viable to do an interactive course  but we are happy to offer a motivational speech to the workforce of a factory or a warehouse. An organised Q&A session is possible. Duration of 1 to 2h.

Cost: € 10,000