We offer the following key services for the recruitment agencies and head hunters:

Evaluations of key candidates

Once you have selected a coupe of great candidates for a job and you need a wider perspective on them, we offer an evaluation from our point of view.

We evaluate not on their ability to do the job but in terms of the level of personal evolution and their holistic health.

Our assessment allows to establish their health stability and ability to do their job well in the long run without any ‘surprises’ in their personal life.


We conduct one interview in person or over Skype. Sometimes an additional interview may be required.

Cost structure:

€ 500 for positions with yearly salaries USD/EURO 50 – 100 k

€ 1,000 for positions with yearly salaries USD/EURO 100 – 150 k

€ 2,000 for positions with yearly salaries USD/EURO 200


Courses for recruiters and talent hunters

We can provide your recruiting staff with certain information.

You will not be able to fully replicate what we do but you will be able to but after this course you will be able to perform your recruitment selection in a more complete manner.


The course comprises of four half day sessions, can be delivered either:

Course costs per participant:

from € 5,000