I attended a 1-week retreat with Thomas in Ecuador that has deeply transformed my life. His kindness and attention to the process, and his compassion for the participants was inspirational. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. A true healer.

Ian Signer, Independent Coach, Oakland, California, US

I’m a very science orientated person. Vice President of a multinational company, elite age group athlete, health and sports nut. But I’ve a very curious mind. I’ve done an apnea course to learn more about my breathing, cold submersion combined with breathing for DMT release, hanging upside down for ages, squatting for hours and tons of courses and retreats to learn something from all different kinds of sports, movement, meditation, yoga, health, nutrition, etc. I have done a retreat with Thomas in Bali hoping to get some new insights. That’s the great thing with Thoma’s small group approach. Instead of one size fits it all it is highly individualised and very well guided and explained. Now that I have returned home to my usual routine I  feel more “loose” and more in sync with myself. Now, 3 weeks later I’m still holding my gains, I sleep very well and somehow I feel less stressed. I’ve always handled stress very well but somehow I have even improved a bit further. I’ve always been very happy with my life and now I’m even a little bit more happy. I’m already planning my next retreat.

Martin Herbrich, VP Multinational Company, Singapore

I have joined the retreat in Chech Republic with my wife. We had an awesome experience. Thomas has a lot of very interesting insight to share. It helped us a lot to approach our daily work with a lighter heart. I am planning to invite Thomas to Dubai to run a few workshops for all my employees.

Timur, Managing Director, Tourist Company, Dubai, UAE, 2017


My husband and I spent a wonderful week retreat in the swiss alps with Thomas and we can just highly recommend his retreats. Love, kindness, passion , humour 😄 and intelligence combined in the coaching  work during the semminars as well as in the free time or while being outside in magical nature together. All of that makes this highly healing retreat very round. Once of the best motivational workshops we have attended by far. The effects of it will go on for a long time in our lifes while more and more truth and healing is being revealed. Thank you Thomas and see you again soon!!! ❤️

Inken Piller-Scheitler, Director of a Pharmaceutical Company, Constanz, Germany


This experience has changed me. I advise everyone to take part in a seminar like this. Since then I see the life with other eyes, I feel a deep inner peace and an inner security so I have less effort to make decisions. I experience daily an inner love that carries me. The location of the retreat in Bali was a comfortable oasis. The world would be a different one when everyone would go through such experience like this.

Sarah Luterbach, Professional nurse, Basel, Switzerland, 2017


Thank you Thomas  for the amazing experience of being our coach and healer. My sister and I did our healing retreat recently in Bali, Indonesia and we are so very grateful to Thomas for his expertise and professional skills.  Thomas is very friendly and down to earth and we both felt a lovely connection with him who made us feel very welcome. I highly recommend doing a retreat with Thomas for anyone wanting to work on themselves, to let go of unresolved emotional issues and have a deeper connection with their spiritual selves and Mother Nature.

Chloe Manier, Healer, Sunshine Coast, Australia, 2016

I was in desperate need of some healing and transformation! Being a healer and intuitive myself, I immediately felt this man has integrity and wisdom. I was very accurate. We had meditation and workshops on the beach in the Puerto Lopez area of Ecuador. The transformation the occurred for me was beyond words. Thomas and I are now life long friends, this is mainly due to his character, vision and wisdom.  Thomas, thank you, thank you, thank you…. love kenton

Kenton David Bell, Healer, Arizona, US, 2016

I would highly recommend a retreat with Thomas to anyone who feels stuck in any way on any level, it has freed up so much energy in me that I was unconsciously suppressing in my organs. I can truly say I feel a freedom in me that I have never felt before, and it shows in the healing work that I perform on others as well. Thank you so much for your very caring and profound work.

Nicole Quintavalle, Therapist, The Brakers, Florida, US, 2016

This is the first healing retreat in my life and everything (the setting, people, guidance and vibration) was fantastic! It was way more than what I expected! Thomas is such an open minded, serious, humorous and skilful coach and healer! Truly a trans-cultural spiritual healing with a modern twist! Highly recommended.

Eloise Chan, Masters Student, Shanghai, China, 2016


The retreat  was one of my greatest experience, I feel like a new person, very grateful for the experience and forward to meet again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Just Magnificent!! More than what I expected.

Andres Palacios, Independent professional, Peru, 2016.


Thomas is a rare example of humility and passion. I’ll always be grateful for his teachings! His fluency in my mother tongue – Italian helped a lot to clarify the key aspects for me.

Nicolo Bolzani, Mont Blanc Magazine, Italy, 2015

I had been on a retreat with Thomas in Peru end of 2015. Even I did not understand his way to heal me, after all I can say it was perfect. I really recommend him. Whole experience really transformed me. I was a bit sceptic about whole thing. He is a professional healer. Thank you Thomas!

Marek Krzyzowski, IT Professional, Poland, 2016.

I have been to a retreat with Thomas in Peru. He is very professional in his work, yet also very friendly and casual, comfortable to be around. Pisaq has to be one of the most beautiful, powerful places to have a retreat. It was a pleasure to wake up in this environment and have space to process the healings. He is truly a beautiful, caring soul with pure intention.

Aussia, Freelance, Oregon, US, 2016